Files to be used with RufzXP in training mode or CW Player

If you need instructions on how to load the files in RufzXP, read the article How to use RufzXP in trainer mode

The following files are prepared and offered to you by Tom, DF7TV. Click here to download the "Read me reference" by Tom with credits and everything you should know...


The following files contain meaningful English words. The words in each file have a random length but are not longer than specified in the description.

1 to 3 letter words TXT 213 words
1 to 4 letter words TXT 484 words
1 to 5 letter words TXT 499 words
1 to 6 letter words TXT 1991 words
1 to 7 letter words TXT 2570 words
1 to 8 letter words TXT 3057 words
1 to 9 letter words TXT 3425 words
1 to 10 letter words TXT 3722 words
1 to 11 letter words TXT 3900 words
1 to 12 letter words TXT 3984 words
1 to 13 letter words TXT 4000 words

More words files

100 words TXT  
200 words TXT  
500 words TXT  
1000 words TXT  
2800 TXT  
4054 TXT  

Here you are the link to Tom's CW page (a new window will be opened because the page is hosted by another web site):

Source and credits: 

The "-WORDS-" files in this archive are based on the NGSL and TSL lists (see below).

They are useful in exercises to become more proficient in Morse Code.
(Additionally they will be of help to learners of English as a second language -- ESL)


February 4, 2021


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