If you find your callsign, or a callsign for which you are QSL manager, in the list below, kindly send me your QSL card, I really need it!

If you had any information about how I could get the QSL from one or more of the callsigns listed here below, I would appreciate your help. Use the "Contacts" form to let me know. Thanks!

IK1HGE in QSO with:

Call Date UTC Freq. Mode RSTs RSTr Notes
 V47K  1986-03-06  16.26  28.527  SSB  59  59

WB0MIV; in 1986 sent direct QSL twice with green stamps. Never received any reply, yet...

 VP8CFM 1992-05-08  17.55  28.505  SSB  55  56 GM4KLO; don't know why, I never sent out my QSL. Is there a way to get this confirmation now? Does anybody know?
 VP2EXX  1989-10-29  16.54  28.300  SSB  59  59  I tried to contact him via email on 2019-02-23 but got no reply, yet.
 VP9MN  1992-04-25  17.08  28.480  SSB  59  55  WB2YQH
 5X1Z  1998-10-25  09.53  21.4315  SSB  59  59 TNX QSL SM6CAS. I tried to contact him via email. No reply. Sent my QSL on 2018-07-30. Received his QSL on 2019-02-28. Thank you Mats!
 CU2AK  1987-11-27  12.29  28.502  SSB  59  59  I sent my direct QSL in 1987. I never got any reply.
 3V8BB  1996-04-07  08.26    7.054  SSB  59  59  Not sure if, at that time, OK1TN was responsible for the call. I wrote him a message on 2019-01-20. No reply yet.
 4S7EF  1993-04-03  10.35  28.446  SSB  59  54  I sent him an e-mail on 2018-07-29. No reply yet.
 5R8DP  1993-04-17  17.18  21.215  SSB  58  55  The famous Mako. May be he is no longer on air, but hope he is....
 5T5CJ 1987-05-31 17.47 21.0035 CW 599 599 I sent him an e-mail on 2018-12-07. No reply yet.
              will add more QSOs some other day...