ER/IK1HGE cards are leaving to the bureauPaolo, the QSL manager of the local radio amateurs' club informs that the outbound QSL cards are leaving to ARI italian bureau service headquarter. Since I missed the timeframe for the previous shipment, there are several hundreds QSL cards from IK1HGE and ER/IK1HGE  this time. If I received your card for a QSO with ER/IK1HGE via bureau, I'm now confident that in two or three years you will receive my one. However, I must also say that since 2019 operations from Moldova, probably due to the pandemic situation I received quite a few cards so it is reasonable to think that I did not get your one yet and that you won't get your confirmation for another 3  to 5 years.

Flag of MoldovaI plan to be active from Moldova as ER/IK1HGE in summer 2021, presumibly in August.

HF bands from 80 m to 10 m, 6 m, CW and SSB. I'm preparing my equipment to be active also in several digital modes including, but not limited to, FT8 and FT4. I'll let you know.


I do not authorize anybody to:

- publish this article

- report information published in this article

- communicate my personal data (including my last name and address)

I authorize everybody to:

- link this article from their web sites

- communicate who is the author in the following form: "ik1hge Roberto".


Credits Flag of Moldova image:

By Nameneko and others - vector coat of arms image traced by User:Nameneko from Image:Moldova gerb large.png. Construction sheet can be found at, Public Domain,

On Aug. 29th, 2019 I made my last QSO from Moldova for this year. QRT! It is time to send your direct QSL cards with Self-Addressed Envelope (SAE) and reimbursement for the post stamps (green stamps). You'll find my postal address in the usual places of the net.

The cost of post stamps are:

- Europe and Mediterranean sea area: 1,15 Euros (2 USD)

- Asia, America, Africa: 2,40 Euros (3 USD)  (Japan and USA, this is your case!)

- Oceania: free (I don't have so many QSOs)

By the way, the logbook is made of paper, no LotW, no Clublog, no eqsl, no OQRS, etc. I only reply to true QSL cards.

QSL cards via bureau are also ok but take into account that I can reply only once a year and that, after two years, I haven't yet received any QSL card via bureau for the 2017 activity. Therefore, I suppose that it'll take no less than 5 years for you to get my QSL card via bureau.

Have a great DX season!




Republic of Moldova flagI'm going to be active as ER/IK1HGE from Republic of Moldova in August 2019 (not yet ssure about dates), on all HF amateur radio bands from 80 m to 10 m, CW and SSB with 100 W, a G5RV antenna and/or dipoles homebrewed on the field in case of need.

QSL via IK1HGE, via bureau  or direct to my italian address. Keep in mind that I can send out the QSLs via bureau only once a year, normally in October.

Be informed also that, starting this year, I'm no more immediately sending out all the QSL cards upon my return home, as I did in the past years, rather I'll just reply to your QSLs. Furthermore, I will not send back the contributions for the postage, but will use them to buy the post stamps, as well as SASEs (from Italy) and SAEs. Actually, it never happened that an italian thought to send a self stamped envelope to me, and never happened that a german thought not to send me a new IRC or 2 USDs (that I have just sent back, up to now). It must just be casuality...

IF the SASE is missing or the postage contribution is not enough to buy the post stamp, I just reply via bureau.

Since I have no PC in Moldova, my station logbook is made of paper. So, only if I have time to copy it into an electronic format, I also upload the QSOs to ClubLog, else I won't.

No LotW, no eqsl, no OQRS, no whatever other form of either real or virtual QSL service.

I plan to be active during the YO DX HF contest, presumibly sop CW. Look for me and spot my frequency, please!

Stay tuned for possible further news...