On Aug. 29th, 2019 I made my last QSO from Moldova for this year. QRT! It is time to send your direct QSL cards with Self-Addressed Envelope (SAE) and reimbursement for the post stamps (green stamps). You'll find my postal address in the usual places of the net.

The cost of post stamps are:

- Europe and Mediterranean sea area: 1,15 Euros (2 USD)

- Asia, America, Africa: 2,40 Euros (3 USD)  (Japan and USA, this is your case!)

- Oceania: free (I don't have so many QSOs)

By the way, the logbook is made of paper, no LotW, no Clublog, no eqsl, no OQRS, etc. I only reply to true QSL cards.

QSL cards via bureau are also ok but take into account that I can reply only once a year and that, after two years, I haven't yet received any QSL card via bureau for the 2017 activity. Therefore, I suppose that it'll take no less than 5 years for you to get my QSL card via bureau.

Have a great DX season!