Files to be used with RufzXP in training mode or CW Player

If you need instructions on how to load the files in RufzXP, read the article How to use RufzXP in trainer mode


The following files contain up to 500 meaningful English words.

2 letter words TXT 101 words
3 letter words TXT 500 words
4 letter words TXT 499 words
5 letter words TXT 500 words
6 letter words TXT 500 words
7 letter words TXT 450 words
8 letter words TXT 500 words
9 letter words TXT 500 words
10 letter words TXT 500 words
11 letter words TXT 500 words
12 letter words TXT 500 words


The following files contain all possible number combinations with two, three and four digits, in random order.

2 digit numbers TXT 100 combinations 
3 digit numbers TXT  900 combinations
4 digit numbers TXT  9000 combinations

Words ending in...

The following files contain English words ending with the specified group of letters.

-ing TXT 237 most common words
-ation TXT all 1992 words in alphabetical order

Words containing...

The following files contain words up to 5 letters including...

-ee- TXT 327 words, from 3 to 5 letters 
-sh- TXT 247 words, from 2 to 5 letters

Files to be used with RufzXP in training mode or CW Player, and MP3 audio files for immediate use

CW abbreviations and Q-code

The following files contain either CW abbreviations in alphabetical order (or Q-codes) for use with RufzXP in training mode or CW abbreviations (or Q-codes), each repeated 3 times, for use with CW player or similar software. The audio (MP3) files up to 20 words per minute (wpm) use Farnsworth speed with the single characters sent at 25 wpm; the numbers reported in the table are the effective speeds in terms of wpm; the sidetone frequency is 700 Hz. 

CW abbreviations TXT           Alphabetical order, not repeated
CW abbreviations TXT       20 25 Alphabetical order, three times each
Most common CW abbreviations TXT 10 15 18 20  25 Reduced set, alphabetical order, three times each
Most common Q-codes TXT           Not repeated
Most common Q-codes TXT 10 15 18 20 25 Three times each


Source: ik1hge

Credits: The audio files are produced through the "Convert text to CW" tool in by Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK. Thank you Fabian!

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