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RufzXP screenshot showing how to set the trainer modeThis tutorial shows how to load a custom words file in RufzXP instead of the normal callsigns database.

  1. You must already have RufzXP installed in your PC and workable
  2. Run RufzXP
  3. Click on "Mode", then click on "Trainer" in the drop down menu
  4. Click again on "Mode", then click on "Settings", the "Trainer settings" window suddenly pops up
  5. In the "Trainer settings window" click on "Load callbase", a dialog window pops up to let you select the custom file that you want to load. It must be a plain text file with the ".txt" extension. You can find the custm files that I prepared for you here: Files for Rufzxp and CW Player
  6. Navigate in your folder structure until you find the custom file that you want to load and select it, then click on "Open" in the same dialog window; the dialog window disappears
  7. In the "Trainer settings" window, under "session length", you can enter the "Number of groups per attempt"; I would enter 50 or so; alternatively, you might prefer to use the timer
  8. In the top right part of the "Trainer settings" window, you can select the speed increment that you want: "Fixed" (no increment), "Incremental" (specify the percentage of speed increment in the field below) or "Variable", which is the standard mode for RufzXPRufzXP screenshot showing how to load a custom database
  9. In the "Trainer settings" window, bottom right part, click on "OK"
  10. In the RufzXP main window, start a new attempt as usual.

RufzXP screenshot showing how to enter the session number of attempts

Source: ik1hge

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