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Category: News
WAIP1.pdf WAIP2.pdf
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WAIP, Worked All Italian Provinces, is probably the most popular and exciting Italian award for radio amateurs. It was estabilished several years ago by ARI, Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, the Italian amateur radio society, and it is so popular that it survided the abolition of the provinces in Italy.

In order to earn the award, a foreign radio amateur must prove radio contacts (or heards, for SWLs) in HF bands with radio amateurs situated in, at least, 60 different Italian provinces. After you have the proof for all the required contacts (QSL cards are surely valid, for other confirmation methods, like e-qsl, the acceptance is uncertain) you must fill out the application forms named WAIP1 and WAIP2, and then send them to the award manager by e-mail. The application forms are on ARI worldwide web site, but you can easily find only WAIP1. Where is the second form? I'll try to help enclosing to this article the links here aside.

I have tested the links to ARI web site right before publishing this article.  One day, ARI, however, might decide to move or delete the files elsewhere, thus breaking the links.  Should that occur, I ask you the favour to let me know.

Well, good hunting, everyone!


The detailed WAIP rules are here:


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