At best of my knowledge, starting on November 3rd, 2018, italian radio amateurs will be allowed to transmit on 60m band with maximum 15 W e.i.r.p., from 5351.5 kHz to 5366.5 kHz. Contacts made before November 3rd, 2018 should be neither legal nor recognizable as DXCC credits, records, awards, etc.

Italy is on 5 MHz band too!

August 13th, 2018

After so many years, I am now inspired by the DXCC. I really want to hang the DXCC award to a wall of my shack! Well, though I never minded about it, wanted or not, during all these years I've collected QSL cards coming from much more than the 100 countries needed to submit the application; thus, I've chosen 100 QSLs, I've filled in whatever is needed for the "Online DXCC application" (the most cost effective) and I'm ready to check out. Surprise! The bill is 57 (read FIFTYSEVEN) cute dollars! surprised You don't believe me, do you? Here you are the snapshot:

Logbook of the World The instructions about how to subscribe to Logbook of the World (LotW), by the US Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), are a little confusing and somehow contradictory, depending on where exactly you retrieve them. ARRL website says one thing, "Trusted QSL" (TQSL) software says another thing, on the several radio amateur web sites we can read interesting tails but, the most amazing stories could be found in the several hamradio forums and discussion groups. I subscribed to LotW in May 2018 as non-US radio amateur; I just downloaded TQSL and installed it. Then... is back! After a few years of QRT, ik1hge is on line again.

73's ik1hge